YES, the literal 10,000 PHOTOs I have taken over the last twelve years of all you wonderful dancers, participants and staff will appear here as soon as...

Stay tuned.

For Salsa if you are into NYC style then
CACHE is just for you! Yes Reba Perez and I created it and Joey took it over from me due to my health and has done a wonderful job putting his soul & spirit into keeping it alive and thriving. Enjoy :>)


Welcome to what was a Tango, Salsa and Brazilian dance events website.

Due to my health SPiCEevents has been retired so as in life this site is changing but links pertaining to what i did will still be associated with and listed here in due time. As of now for Tango events in New York City go to the heroic Richard Lipkin's website

In 2011 Central Park Tango/Milonga is to continue by a loyall and faithful group of four taking over for Rick Castro and I. PLUS you have probably heard by now Tango "Tango Porteno" at South Street Seaport on Pier 16 is history, and if you have never visited John & Anglea's Pier 66 Maritime Restaurant/Bar & Grill with the SKY deck and the Party Ship of party ships THE Lightship "Frying Pan" formally Pier 63 it is still ever ongoing especially from May-October - GO! . But wow! It was all glorious while it lasted due to so many wonderful people as maybe yourself that came to dance or just support it from here in New York City and from all over the world.

Thanks so much for everyones past support and remember "to dance is life". One is always dancing to something in life, but are you choosing the steps and movements you enjoy or is life choosing for you.

There are many excellent dance schools in NYC, PICK ONE and start dancing to your own tune. Plus it is so great for your heart, health, body, mind/brain, spirit and soul. And you may meet that someone special or keep that special "in" your relationship.


AS a side note at some point here i will also be listing Non-Dual and Satsung websites and teachers, Loch Kelly is whom i currently study under this non-dual way of life/just being.

Namaste - with infinite love and gratitude to you.